Incorporating Behaviour into Models - Challenges and Questions


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Details about the conference and the full programme are available here:

Event overview

The Newton Gateway to Mathematics hosted an event at the Møller Institute, University of Cambridge on “Modelling to support resilience for pandemics - open questions”. The two-day event aimed to highlight and reflect on lessons learned from the modelling undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic. Talks and discussions explored key epidemiological questions, how they may be answered, what are the models that fit these areas and how these can be used to build systems that will strengthen resilience for the future.

Presentation recording

I was asked to speak about incorporating behaviour into models. What I presented was a personal view, highlighting studies that have caught my attention during the past couple of years and the questions they pose.

The talk may be viewed here.

Presentation slides

You can download a PDF copy of the presentation slides here.