Public Engagement & Outreach

We may impart research impact through conveying our scientific findings to the public in an accessible, understandable manner.

I am a member of the Warwick Institute of Engagement Network and have contributed to a University of Warwick family day, in which a collaborative group across SBIDER and Warwick Medical School ran a set of “have a go” activities under the theme of “Outbreak - Learning how diseases spread”.

I have been a co-organiser of Databeers Warwick, a series of public engagement events around the topic of data science. These events brought together data experts from industry and academia with talks at a level accessible to a wide audience in the West Midlands.

For Pint of Science, a science festival which brings researchers to local venues to share their scientific discoveries with the public, at events in Coventry & Warwickshire I have made the following contributions: